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Lectures obligatory watching /reading list

1. For the upcoming lecture – on the 27th of April/ Wednesday - 17h30 -21h00:

Lecture titled: What are intelligence studies all about?

Please watch the following YouTube:

You may  also read the following article:

2. For the upcoming lecture – on the 28th of April/ Thursday - 17h30 -21h00

Lecture titled:  Does the Intelligence Cycle Still Exist?

Please watch the following YouTube:

 In case you really have nothing else better to do, you may read the following article:

3. For the upcoming lecture – on the 3rd of May/ Tuesday - 17h30 - 21h00

 Lecture titled: can the intelligence services in democracies could be controlled?

Please watch the following YouTube:


 4. For the upcoming lecture - 4th of May/Wednesday - 17h30 - 21h00

Lecture titled: cyber intelligence versus old-school Humint

Please watch the following YouTube:

 Please read as will the following article:


5. For the upcoming lecture - 5th of May/Thursday - 17h30 - 21h00

 Students will introduce their outline for the course paper. 


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